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My name is Christina Perez and I am a Senior majoring Creative Writing and Latino Studies. The F-Word is an organization dedicated to creating a feminist movement at the University of Michigan that applies to all races and social backgrounds. My involvement with the F-Word has given me a space to express my passions pertaining to social justice, human rights, & women’s issues. It has also given me the opportunity to stand as a voice for positive and progressive social change.
-Christina Perez

About MChange

This website serves as a forum to highlight opportunities for students at U-M that involve social justice education and action reflecting the principles and values of the Division of Student Affairs. These opportunities include those offered by the sponsoring offices as well as numerous activities organized and funded by student groups and student communities.

Activities include leadership retreats, community service and engagement opportunities, speaker's bureau panels, intergroup dialogues, and a variety of workshops and sessions addressing social identity and social justice.

Pathways Courses

Are you interested in taking a course that is structured around social justice, diversity, community and or civic engagement? Here is a list of courses for Fall '07 that will inspire, motivate and challenge you around the above topics. Check it out!
Pathways Courses (PDF)

Sponsoring Offices